About Us

Capital Management Group is a certified public accounting firm based in Long Beach, California, serving the needs of a diverse group of small to mid-sized businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies. The firm was founded by Gloria Shontz, CPA, CVA and offers traditional CPA services, escrow trust accounting assistance, and the design and implementation of customized information tracking tools, including Grant Maximizer Solution™.

As CPAs, we provide consultation on tax planning, financial reporting and financial planning. As experienced escrow trust accountants, we can assess your existing record-keeping system and make sure you are in compliance with current regulations. As a certified QuickBooks® professional advisor, we can customize information tracking and minimize duplication of work.

We at Capital Management Group believe strong organizations are built on the power of information. Consistent access to current, accurate information about your business is the most essential component of good decision-making.

Information tracking and reporting procedures are often cumbersome, particularly under the weight of regulatory requirements. From sole proprietorships to corporations to non-profits to governmental agencies, organizations today spend too much time tracking information…often ending up without the depth of information they really need.

Relieving you from the information burden is our specialty.

Coupling the backbone, education and ethics of CPAs with the foresight of savvy entrepreneurs, we employ creativity, innovation and objectivity to streamline your information management procedures.

Information management should be your strength, not your limitation.

Mission Statement

Capital Management Group provides accounting support and expertise to serve the financial planning and information tracking needs of businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental agencies. Without compromising integrity and with a commitment to excellence, we strive to provide objectivity and fresh, innovative solutions that make our clients more efficient and more successful.